Help 4 Sunny!

Hello all,

I am making another request for help from donors. In 2013, my dad gave me my dream car (a ’98 silver Beetle) and I LOVE it, but knowing nothing about cars other than gassing and going, I unknowingly mistreated it (plus it is a manual transmission, which I learned that I was doing wrong for months). In January of 2014, I realized that the car had gone too long without getting an oil change. There were multiple red hands, but in the end, my father and I ended up paying for it. I’ve been trying since 2014 to get the money to pay for it, but for some reason, it is a lot harder than my father and I anticipated.

Well, the good news is that I finally saved enough money to pay for the repairs, but as my father was about to tow it, he called me (I was out of the country at the time, and I knew it had to be important because we do not have an international plan) and asked where the money that I left at home was. When we were first figuring out how to save, he told me to put some money in an envelope, put it under my mattress, and to forget about it, so that’s what I did. I told him it was underneath my mattress as it had been for months, but he said he could not find it. Later on he told me that he looked all around my room but was not able to find the money anywhere, so the car could not be towed. We are in the process of selling our house, so there have been people coming in and out. He wondered if someone had taken it, so he contacted a detective to see if he/she was able to help us find it, but it was all in vain. Altogether, I had just enough to pay for the repairs and the tow, but now I am back in the waiting period.

As a college student, it is extremely difficult to save a large amount of money, especially when the process to obtain a large amount of money takes a large amount of time. I have money with me here and in my savings account, but it is not enough to cover everything. So, upset, aggravated, and a bit depressed, I’ve come to ask for help. I was somewhat hesitant on asking since there are, of course, many people on this website (GoFundMe) who have much greater needs than I do, but I figured that if it was meant to happen, someone or some people would help. It’s very sad to see the car sitting in the same spot every time I come home from school, especially when it was buried in snow!

Thank you very much and thank you for reading!

– Jermane Hughes

The following is a video of when I first got the car:

There’s always that one person…

There’s always that one person…
That will always have your heart
You never see it coming
‘Cause you’re blinded from the start
Know that you’re that one for me
It’s clear for everyone to see
Ooh baby, you will always be my boo

Do you remember, girl?
I was the one who gave you your first kiss
‘Cause I remember, girl
I was the one who said, “Put your lips like this”
Even before all the fame and
People screaming your name
Girl, I was there when you were my baby

Yes, I remember, boy
‘Cause after we kissed
I could only think about your lips
Yes, I remember, boy
The moment I knew
You were the one I could spend my life with
Even before all the fame
And people screaming your name
I was there and you were my baby

It started when we were younger
You were mine
Now another brother’s taken over
But it’s still in your eyes
Even though we used to argue, it’s alright
I know we haven’t seen each other in a while
But you will always be my boo

I was in love with you when we were younger
You were mine
And I see it from time to time
I still feel like…
And I can see it no matter
How I try to hide
And even though there’s another man who’s in my life
You will always be my boo


No puedo dejar de pensar en ti. Me haces falta y te extraño mucho. Espero que estés saludable, contento, y feliz con tu familia y tu familia nueva. Nunca te olvidaré. Todavía te adoro. <3

Falling in Love

We fall in love with personality,

the words they say

and their behavior,

the thoughts and opinions,

the moments you make and remember;

we lust with our eyes

and love with our hearts.

I would say it is completely possible

to fall in love with someone

without having a physical contact

because it is a pure, raw love for them,

who they are

and what they’re about.

Perhaps it’s the best way to fall in love.

You fall in love with the sight of their soul,

not the sight through our eyes –

which may be misleading.


The thing about modesty is that it all revolves around love.

A love for the LORD that completely satisfies a woman in a such a way that she is able to resist the temptation to be affirmed by the eyes of men.

A love for others that will cause a woman to dress appropriately not only because she knows that a gentle and meek spirit is precious in the sight of God but also to guard the hearts of her brothers in faith, not allowing her body to distract them from honoring the LORD.

A love for women that are younger in the faith that are watching her and learning what it means to be a godly woman by her example. She is either teaching them that it is okay to put her body on display for the world to see or to clothe herself in godliness.

So the question to be asked is, how are you loving God and others with what you are wearing?

Help us get to the Dominican Republic :)

Hello friends,

I’ve finally updated my funding websites so that actually look legit. ;) All details and information can be found using either of those links! Thanks very much in advance!