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One day…

I know, I know. Posting on February 14th, ya sé, ya sé. But I want to record my dream…

I haven’t dreamt this though. Just… thought it up. 🙂

One day I want a man- the man- the mighty man of GOD- MY mighty man of GOD to surprise me. I want him to plan it all out. The works. I dream that one day my mighty man will surprise me, whether it is at work, school, my house, church… I want him to come up to me all dressed up in a black suit, white button-down, tie (maybe even a bow tie… they are adorable, but not necessary), and nice shoes, smelling amazing with a bouquet of red roses. I want him to find me, and when he does, I want him to never take his eyes off me. Then when our eyes meet, I want to see the look of just… deepdeep affection. Like I am not just the only person in the room but the only person in the whole world. Then when we come together… I don’t know. He could say, “Very pretty you be” and I’d probably just melt, haha.

So that’s my dream. The start of it anyway. Maybe more thoughts will come later. But that alone would just be… amazing. More than amazing.


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