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Sex Dreams

Yeah, it’s what you think it is.

This is pretty embarrassing, but I had to write my thoughts down. Since the start of the year, I cannot stop dreaming about sex. I really feel it’s because I vowed to myself to not do a THING until I’m married and not until I meet the one that I know that I know that I know I will marry (this is only kissing). But it’s so weird because I’ve made a promise somewhat like this to myself before. I don’t know…

But seriously though, it’s disturbing. You know when you have a dream and you don’t realize you had that dream until later? Like when you’re brushing your teeth (it’s almost always when I’m brushing my teeth), for instance? I’ll be standing there en el baño and next thing you know, my eyes get HUGE, my hand stops moving, and my body is completely still. Like what… in… the world. And mind you, I am NOT wanting sex, I am not hormonal (well, sometimes I am but that comes with being a girl and all I want is food), I am in no way tempted, I am not ever “in the mood,” like nothing. And my dreams are rather… explicit. I just don’t understand where they are coming from. They are gross and disturbing and just interrupting. I’m all happy-happy-joy-joy and then I remember what I dreamt last night. I don’t know why and I don’t know how but why am I having these dreams…?

Sometimes I think it’s just the enemy trying to get to me, but then again I don’t know. But then again, what else could it be? Dreams like this can’t be from God! Right? Ugh, it’s just so confusing… I can’t remember the last time I had a pleasant dream. Well, I can. ^_^ But it was stuck in between these gross dreams, and it was very short. But oh, oh so sweet… ahh. ^_^ Haha… but anyway, yes. This needs to stop.


4 thoughts on “Sex Dreams

    • Hola! 🙂
      Thank you… Isn’t it so weird though? But I dream about people either having sex with me, wanting to have sex with me, or doing sexual things to me. Male and female… it’s just… ugh. Idk why it keeps happening. :/ Anything similar for you?

      • That’s very weird though! Well first I don’t want you to doubt yourself! You sort-of doubt yourself in your first paragraph! You can never leave a crack in your wall! Don’t ever doubt yourself no matter how charming, Godly or amazing a guy could be. If you did that, everything you worked so far would have been for nothing! So don’t doubt yourself girl. Honestly before I had dreams but not of people just my ex, which I guess was normal. But different people? Sounds very weird… I think prayer is your best bet! It’s not from God or natural. It’s just a taunt, sleep next to a Bible, maybe under your pillow :)!

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