The Corner Of An Attic

“It is better to live alone in the corner of an attic

than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home.” Proverbs 25:24, NLT

So ladies, don’t be a criticizing, nosey, always-over-your-husband’s-shoulder, untrusting, jealous, “who-is-that-girl,” “how-come-you-don’t-take-me-out-anymore” complaint using to get what you want, “you-didn’t-notice-that-I-parted-my-hair-on-the-opposite-side-today” hassling, [Samson-and-] Delilah-type nagging, cantankerous, childish, “you-were-supposed-to-be-home-twenty-two-minutes-ago-because-it-only-takes-you-five-minutes-to-walk-from-your-desk-to-the-car-then-seventeen-minutes-from-work-to-home-so-who-are-you-cheating-on-me-with” accusing, get mad all the time, spending all of your husband’s money, always doing things without speaking with him first, Job’s wife, triflin’, walking around half-naked and showing your man’s goods, telling your husband that you are the best thing that has ever happened to him… kind of wife.

Sin Is Sin

Last week was Senior Week at QU and it was madness. They held a concert for the graduating seniors who were 21 and over, so of course, they had lots of alcohol freely flowing about. So I get on Facebook and see this girl from the Christian Fellowship group post a video from the concert dancing and just having a good time. There was nothing in the video showing her drinking or anything but I thought to myself, ‘How can a Christian go to a party like that?‘ I mean, she is a CHRISTIAN, after all.

But then I remembered, “Don’t judge others just because they sin differently than you.” Now, I can neither say that she was or was not “sinning” at the event but personally, I definitely would not want to be caught dancing and partying to worldly music on a college campus during senior week surrounded by tipsy young adults drinking beer and other types of alcohol.

God keeps me humble. Pretty much as soon as I thought that, I remembered my own sin and how I fall short of God’s glory daily. There are things that I do that I know I shouldn’t. There are things that I don’t even realize I’m doing that are indeed sins. So who am I to judge anyone else? Who am I to even think that I can? There is one Judge, and one Judge only. God keeps me humble.


So someone commented on my “Sex Dreams” post about keeping a Bible underneath my pillow at night. I’ve been doing it for weeks now. Not everyday, but I do when I remember. Well, here’s some background: for a while in January I was having dreams about sex frequently and it wasn’t okay. At all. Obviously… well, someone told me to keep a Bible underneath my pillow and honestly, I haven’t had one of those dreams since. Wait, no. Yes, I have. Though I can’t remember if my Bible was under my pillow or not. I don’t think so. Well, anyway. I haven’t had one, besides that one until…

Until the other night when I was tired and being lazy and didn’t feel like moving to put the Bible underneath. “It’s whatever!” “No big deal!” Right? Wrong. That night, for the first time Lord knows when, I had a dream about sex and when I realized it, I was so grossed out. But thankfully, I can’t remember what happened in the dream! 😀 So the next night, I was not going to let that happen again. I kept my Bible with me and that night I had a dream about… Heaven! Yes, I did! The only reason I knew I was in Heaven, though, was because I said it or someone said it… I don’t remember, haha. But I was there!

So here’s what happened: I got to Heaven, nothing fancy or white or crazy colorful… it was actually outside of my job, which is a college campus and very far from Heaven. Well, I got there and someone had to check and see if I could come in. A guy said, “Hold on, let me check and see… Okay, you’re good,” or something like that. Either way, yay! 🙂 My best friend was also there! It was different… we had to go through all these stages to get somewhere. I’m not sure where we were going but we were in Heaven the whole time (and I believe we were no longer outside of my job). It seemed like only a few minutes had passed by but in reality, about every five minutes that went by were equal to an entire day on earth. Isn’t that crazy?

It was different than any other dream I’ve had relating to Heaven, and I’ve had a few… I should share! I will one of these days. 🙂

Until then y’all. ♥


Lust, in my opinion, is the worst thing in this entire world. The flesh is just terrible. I cannot stand my flesh. It is true: the spirit and the flesh are constantly in a battle with each other. You think you want something… but then you realize you want no part of it, and when you realize it, it’s too late.

No worries, ladies and gentlemen, I’m not doing anything. I just hate the thoughts in my head sometimes. This flesh is a terrible thing.

God Is So Good (A Letter)

You are good

You are good

You are good

And Your mercy is forever…

Dear God,

I am such a sinner. I don’t know why You love me. I don’t know why You sent Your Son to die for people who are stuck in sin- people like me. I don’t know why You love me SO MUCH. You are in love with me. Me, who didn’t do anything to deserve Your love. Me, who has done nothing but constantly fail You. Me, who knows what is right then does the opposite, regretting it later but then going back to it again. Me. A sinner. I don’t know why You keep forgiving me. I don’t know why You keep giving me chances. I don’t understand Your love but I am thankful for Your love. So thankful. Without Your love, I would not be able to write this letter. Without Your love, I would not be where I am in my life right now. Without Your love, I would be headed to destruction definitely. I can’t understand it. I can’t understand You. I can’t even begin to understand the fullness of Your love. You love me and are in love with me. I don’t know why. I love You and I am in love with You. There are reasons upon reasons for that. You are so worthy and faithful and kind and compassionate and You understand every little thing we do. You see our hearts… LORD, I love You. I don’t know why You love me but I am grateful for Your love.

Love Always,



Hey everyone! So it’s finally time to tell you all about the good news I had from before…

I go to Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. Well, a few weekends ago, I visited Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. It. Is. AMAZING. It is almost $10,000 cheaper than QU, you get an automatic scholarship every year if you have a high enough GPA (I believe it ranges from $7,000 to $12,000), the campus is so much smaller (which I found out that I like), it’s a Christian school (I wasn’t so sure I wanted to go to a Christian school buuuut… I changed my mind), one of my room mates from last year’s mission trip to the Dominican Republic goes there, the chapel is so nice, the cafeteria is gorgeous (and has the ZA flag, the Mexico flag, and the DR flag), everyone is SO NICE, people actually say, “Hi!” when you walk by, it’s close to Beantown, AND… the laundry is FREE! 😀 I had such a good time. They also have this event called Catacombs every Sunday night at 10… all it is is acoustic worship with one little light. I love it. It keeps your mind off of everyone in the room and helps you just focus on that one-on-one praise and worship with God. 🙂

SO yesterday I received an e-mail saying that I got accepted!! HOOOYAAHHH! Gloria Dios!!! I am SO EXCITED! I have never chosen a school of my own before nor have I ever been away from home for more than a week so this move is going to be CRAZY but crazy GOOD. ^_^ Ahhhhhhh! Haha, Gordon bound, ya’ll! 😉