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Lust, in my opinion, is the worst thing in this entire world. The flesh is just terrible. I cannot stand my flesh. It is true: the spirit and the flesh are constantly in a battle with each other. You think you want something… but then you realize you want no part of it, and when you realize it, it’s too late.

No worries, ladies and gentlemen, I’m not doing anything. I just hate the thoughts in my head sometimes. This flesh is a terrible thing.

2 thoughts on “Destroyer

  1. God is love and He can’t make a man chose to sin. The desire you describe is the carnal sin that the evil one has put into our flesh in order to keep you as a slave to sin. Ever since Adam disobey God
    our separation has been our nature to sin from birth. In this separation man is all alone and can’t redeem himself. Our will to sin is so strong that unless we cry out Abba we will fall short to the glory of God. Understand that God has never left us even if we are against him. God waits on us, God is patient, God serves us all because He loves us. He honors truth and gives us time to chose a path. A narrow or wide path one being the lust of the world, the lust of the flesh and the pride of the world that leads to physical and spiritual death or the alternative choice is His great almighty power that is in God’s gift of salvation which is through Christ Jesus. Take a moment to think out what you wrote you. What would Jesus do? Jesus never doubted the Word. The bible calls Satan the devil a deceiver and an accuser. If you do those things you write then it’s carnal sin and you do right by repenting. Repenting leads you back to Jesus the mediator. I do the same all the time. Don’t give the devil the stage to reason out with your conscience. Let your conscience tell him the mind you think with is Jesus. Remember that the eyes are the windows to our soul. Don’t let that window be in the dark because what you think is what you are. . God is the creator. Let God lead the way and leave it to Jesus for your sins will be forgiven if you are sincere and honest with the Lord.

    Taken from a yahoo answer.

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