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He Came For This

I was just thinking… about my new and current “problem.” How I can’t get it right and how I’ve tried and I’ve tried but still, I come to fail… which stinks. Big time.

But then I thought to myself, ‘Wait a second.’ Then I imagined Jesus telling me and trying to get through my hard head, “This is what I came for!

I knew you couldn’t get it right no matter how hard you tried. THAT is why I came. Not so you could be perfect all the time! I came to earth, hung on a cross, and DIED for YOU so YOU could be FORGIVEN of EVERY SINGLE FAULT and slip-up that you’ve EVER made, that you’re making, and that you ever will make. This is what I came for!

Dear God… Oh, thank you, Jesus.

How can I ever repay you, Jesus? (If that were a serious question, I’d like to think that God might chuckle.) I can’t repay you. That is why I offer my sacrifice of praise. That is why I strive for physical and mental purity. That is why I rejoice in my sorrow, my suffering, and my mistakes because I know that he came to earth to wash away every single stupid thing I’ve done… and that YOU’VE done! That the entire world has done! Immanuel! How awesome is that?! Go Jesus!!


4 thoughts on “He Came For This

  1. I think like this often. When I’ve messed up or feel like I’ve done something that takes me from what ever peg I’m on back down to zero; I think of how God already knew the mess up’s that I was going to make prior to my making them and He still chose to save me. It’s satan you makes us feel as if we slip back to zero each time and it’s God who saves my blood that I shed for you is what keeps you from slipping.

    Great post. Love your light bulb moment.

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