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So I’ve wanted a red punch-buggy convertible for years… at least three. The car I used to drive died on the parkway at about 10 pm on a Sunday while I was driving home from a wedding alone. Clearly, I wasn’t too happy… About a month later, my dad and I bought a new(er) car. He told me that he was getting a Ford Focus, which I didn’t mind. ANYTHING was better than a ’91 Volvo 240.

He woke me up at 6 in the morning one day and said he needed my help outside. (Thank GOD I didn’t give him lip, right?) I walk out and he is outside recording me with the key in his hand. Mind you, it is 6 in the morning and I cannot scream at all.

He asked me a few weeks ago (while he was planning this whole thing) if I would want any other color besides red and what I would do if it wasn’t a convertible. I eventually said that silver was too boring and that I do not want that color at all and if I don’t get a convertible right away, it’s really no big deal. But you guys… I have the cutest car EVAR. I cutified it too, btw. There is now a bumblebee antenna topper, daisy magnets on its booty, a “JESUS RULES!” license plate frame, a daisy and cute beetle steering wheel cover, an orange daisy in the flower holder, and one of those solar-powered dancing daisies on the dashboard… and I have a TomTom set in George W. Bush’s voice! Haha, it is sooo cute! I wanted to get eyelashes but I’ve decided that it is a boy (whose name is Sonni) and boy cars do not have pretty eyelashes. So yeah… haha.

Also, it has a manual transmission so I officially know how to drive STICK Y’ALL. I’m not a pro, of course, but I am gettin’ better! 🙂

Yaay! Here’s to having the best daddy in the whole wide world! ^_^



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