A lot of people have different views on what salvation really is… Some say Jesus died for our sins but preach that you absolutely positively MUST live a holy life or your salvation will be at stake. Some say that since Jesus died, we can do what we want because we are “covered by the blood.” Well yes, we do need to live a holy life but that is in no way necessary to have salvation and unless you have made and/or professed another being or thing to be your god then once you become saved, your salvation is set. “I’m convinced, I’m persuaded: I will not be separated from the love I have in You ’cause neither death nor life can sever; neither height nor depth can measure the love we have and my love for You.”
We are also covered by the blood, por supuesto, but that should never be an excuse for sin or unrighteousness. How can God bless you and give you everything He has for you-a long and full life-if you’re too busy willingly walking in sin? And while some walk in sin, they still claim the name of God. Don’t you think that’s confusing to non-believers and those who are unsure or skeptical? How can we say that we are living a life for God if we’re living and dressing and acting and speaking like everyone else?
I’ve gotten off-topic, but I believe, and please correct me if I’m wrong, that once you are saved, your salvation is set. Live a life as holy as you can, always call on the LORD when you are weak, and know that He is forever opening His arms to you, no matter how many times you fall. Keep God your one and only God and call on His great name alone. Do not blaspheme the Spirit and do not worship any idols. Jesus didn’t die so that we could remain married to the law. Yes, the law sets us free but if we live according to it, we are bound and chained. If that was our only means of salvation then it would be sacrifice after sacrifice; blood spilled after blood spilled. But there has been one perfect sacrifice. Need I say His name? The name above all names!!
My people, live according to God’s grace and sin will become despicable to you. My brothers and sisters, if you long to be saved, confess without shame, and believe in the LORD with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength then what now can ever pluck you from the Master’s hand? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.