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One of those nights.

Does anyone realize how wonderful it would be to have someone to call your own? To have someone touch you and hold you and teach you and remove any and every trace of loneliness that could ever find its way near you? I miss having someone to love and to take care of but lately, I miss having someone to love and take care of me.

If you’ve followed my posts or even have read maybe just a few, you know that I cannot wait to get married. The thought is so exciting and just wonderful. But I want to get married because I want to love someone unconditionally and without limits. How great would it be to get to know someone a little bit more everyday and to love them a little bit more every single day…?

I just miss having someone. I know he’s coming and that God is preparing the both of us but… I don’t know. It’s one of those nights, I guess.


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