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Life at Gordon

So I haven’t posted about it but I AM at my new school and it is GREAT! I love it here so much… The people are so nice, it has SUCH a great community, there are so many different things to do and get involved in, the classes are interesting (and if they aren’t, so far none of my professors make things boring), my RD’s wife makes us cookies (REALLY good cookies, might I add), my roommates are great (one is really quiet but she is very nice and the other is just wonderful!), I received THREE job offers within the last week (I accepted two)… the whole nine! And to top it all off, this is a school that believes in the Almighty God. The Maker of Heaven and Earth. The Creator of all things! Wow! Amazing! I love it here SOOO MUCH and it feels so great to say that about my own school! 😀

You should come! Yes, you!


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