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Tell Me What To Do

I miss having someone tell me what to do…

Not sexually, but in general. And by “someone,” I mean a boyfriend or significant other. I just feel like I make so many mistakes thinking on my own and now that I’m all by myself in a whole other state, I feel like it’s even more important to make the right choices. And as stereotypical, sexist, and feminist-upsetting as it may sound, I feel like since I’m a female and single that I’m going to make way more mistakes than a married female or one in a relationship. I have to think completely on my own. And not that I’m not smart or that I’m unable to or that I am not directed by God. Just saying… things would be so much easier if there was someone in the physical who would tell me what to and not to do and for my own good. Because if I want to do something, that’s it! I’m doing it. There’s just no one here to tell me, “Yes” or “No,” and I really wish there was. I guess my ex-boyfriend always wanting to control everything and “boss me around” (which is what I thought he was doing at times) wasn’t such a bad thing. Or really, it wasn’t a bad thing at all. It was just what I needed. I miss it.


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