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Daddy’s Girl

My dad is the greatest. And that’s all there is to say.

Just kidding. So I decided to actually listen to my body and go to sleep early, but I guess I can count that as a “nap” because I woke up 2 1/2 hours later wide awake. So why not write more about my dad? 🙂

So after my drive yesterday, I came home, clearly upset, and my dad asked me what was wrong. Naturally I gave him the, “Nothing,” and eventually I told him that I didn’t want to talk about it. Then he did his famous, “We don’t have to talk about it, just tell me what it’s about.” I didn’t tell him but eventually he guessed that it was about my ex-boyfriend. He was upset that I was upset because he thought my ex-boyfriend said or did something to make me upset. Later last night, he told me that if I didn’t tell him, he was going to go looking for him! Typical dad. 😛 It took him a few hours but he finally did get it out of me.

He took me for a drive and we just talked about whatever. Well, he talked and I gave short responses because I was still upset. Eventually I started thinking about it and crying and as dark as it was outside, he saw me and asked if I could just tell him. So I did.

He knew that my ex-boyfriend and I had been “intimate,” as he called it, so the only hard part was letting the words out without crying! But I did end up telling him everything and I feel so much better. I mean, such a relief! At least now there is. When we got back home I was still upset but just waking up, I feel so much better. I guess that was all what I needed.

I told him that I was upset because the only reason I agreed to be “intimate” with my ex-boyfriend was because I was in love with him, and he and I both believed that we were going to be the only ones. I was the image of his wife. He was the image of my husband. So he told me that that kind of conviction is just proof that I am God’s child. He said that there are people, even “grown folks” who can just go from person to person or just sin and sin again with no problem, feeling absolutely nothing. But since I feel so bad, it’s just evidence of the Holy Spirit. He said, “God will spank His children” and He certainly will! He wasn’t upset with me or disappointed in me. He actually bought me chocolate, my favorite, haha. He listened (after I told him) and just understood. It was a very “grown-up” conversation, and I’m happy we had it.

He’s the best! I love my daddy! 🙂


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