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Tam Tam Shabam!

So my dad’s girlfriend is leaving tonight. 😦 My father is driving her back to Virginia. I’m going to miss Tam Tam! 😦

There is nothing like a house that becomes a home. She is so nice, so sweet, so caring, so loving, so welcoming, so thoughtful, and so Southern… haha. All my friends love her. People at my church even ask me when she and my father are getting married. I don’t know but I hope they do soon! Of course there are unspoken things that they have to take care of but I just love having her here. The house feels complete. There is actually a woman of the house, and it is not me! And I’m not happy because she cooks and cleans, but because she perfectly fills the role of the woman of the house. (Okay, I am a little happy that she does cook and clean, but that’s not the main reason!)

“A house is not a home” without two people–a man and a woman–running it, with Jesus at the center. I love it. I love her!

“Tam Tam Shabam,” by the way, is the nickname that randomly came to mind as I signed her birthday card the other day. Yepp. She’s 29!… Okay, she’s not really 29, but after a woman turns 29, I always call her 29. So I have no idea how old the woman is but Wednesday the 8th was her 29th birthday!

I’m going to miss Tam Tam Shabam! It is good to see, while she is here, a perfect example of what a woman should be. 🙂 Love her!


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