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Retail Therapy

This is a very unnecessary and meaningless post, but I feel like sharing.

So I went shopping today with my best Gordon girlfriend at the greatest mall ever and had a GRAND OL’ TIME. 😀

By the way, I vowed to never again by jeans in my life, so I bought three skirts and a dress. Yay!

By the way again, the dress I bought was the dress that I tried on just because that I didn’t really like on the hanger… but of course, it’s the one that fit the best, looked the best, and was just… ugh, gorgeous!

We went to Godiva (GOD BLESS GODIVA… but I seriously spent over $15 on seven pieces of chocolate), CHICK-FIL-A (had NO idea there were any restaurants in New England), New York & Company (bought a gorgeous Eva Mendes skirt that is a size TWO, thank you very much, and some seemingly-long-lasting pantyhose because every other pair I’ve bought has at least one run), Forever 21 (just to get a cami but I found two skirts as well!), JCPenney (which is weird because I never would’ve thought of going there but I bought a GORGEOUS dress that I will wear to the Gordon Globes* next week). And I almost bought shoes but they didn’t have my size. Boo. But that’s okay! We had chocolate so it’s cool.

*sigh* I love my friends. By the way, GOD WAS WITH US TODAY. The deals and the favor we found today were outrageous, haha. It was great. I am very blessed. Not because I was able to shop, but because I’ve been surrounded by people who do love me and care about me and who are willing to spend hours at a time with me. And also because I have a job. Two jobs. I am blessed.

*The Gordon Globes are basically the Golden Globes, but for Gordon. Super fancy!

I also just want to say that I went shopping again today and bought another skirt so… yay!


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