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Another Man

Here we go.

I’m more of a “one-and-done” kind of person… I’ve been in one other country besides the United States (that would be the Dominican Republic, of course) and I have no desire to go anywhere again (besides Mexico, of course, and Spain for my honeymoon :)). I was trying to figure out where I should go for my study abroad and there are multiple options, and I figured I should go somewhere other than back to the Dominican but I don’t want to. I fell in love with the place! I’m sure other places are lovely, but my heart is there. On the silly side of this, a while ago my friend suggested that I create an account on Spotify and said that it is so much better than Pandora, but I couldn’t! I said, “I can’t! It feels like I’m cheating on Pandora!” I’m sure it’s nice, but I’ve got my Internet radio app taken care of. On a serious but still slightly silly note, I’ve started reading the ESV translation of the Bible, though I normally read the NLT when I’m reading in English. I really like the ESV, and sometimes better than the NLT, but I just can’t do that to the NLT! We’ve been together so long. 😛

So what am I saying? I was thinking almost all day that belonging to another man is not something I want to do. Of course it’s going to happen, God willing because I do not plan on being single for the rest of my life, but it really wasn’t my plan. Just the thought makes me a bit uncomfortable. Someone else kissing me and touching me and loving me and the vice versa… It’s strange and very foreign. I would go more into detail, but in all, really, what’s the point? :/ Things will get better though. They have to.

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