Falling in Love

We fall in love with personality,

the words they say

and their behavior,

the thoughts and opinions,

the moments you make and remember;

we lust with our eyes

and love with our hearts.

I would say it is completely possible

to fall in love with someone

without having a physical contact

because it is a pure, raw love for them,

who they are

and what they’re about.

Perhaps it’s the best way to fall in love.

You fall in love with the sight of their soul,

not the sight through our eyes –

which may be misleading.

Falling in Love Again

No, I am not falling in love again at this very moment. But I watched A Walk to Remember with two of my friends tonight and it allowed me to remember that I am so excited to fall in love again (it also allowed me to remember that girls can cry over just about anything). Just imagine… the smiles, the laughs, the butterflies, the sleepless and endless nights filled with talking about nothing. *sigh* One of these ol’ days…

In the movie, Landon calls Jamie “baby” and every time he said it, I couldn’t help but smile. Just hearing that name after so long reminded me of how much I love being called that. Not just by anyone, of course, but you know. I nearly melt. It just makes you feel special… like you’re the only one who matters and the only one who is receiving your baby’s love. Well, that’s how it makes me feel anyway.

I’m so excited for everything that comes with falling in love again! It will be so much fun and such an adventure.

I will exclude the “but”s in this and just leave it at that… Let’s keep it positive! 🙂

Oh, to be in love. ♥

How I long for that again.