“Es parte de un propósito y todo bien saldrá.”

How many times have we sang the songs and prayed the prayers asking the LORD to have His will and declaring that we are not our own? When the time comes and God does exactly what you’ve asked for, do we complain and give up or do we draw near and desire for HIS will to be done?
It’s funny how God can be doing something amazing in us and we become so blind to it due to our feelings. God sees each tear and all of your suffering and it is not in vain. Through the deep and restless waters, God has never left and will never leave our side. Emmanuel. What a sweet reminder and a wonderful promise. And when God makes a promise, there is nothing in the world–sickness, loneliness, joblessness–that could get in the way of God’s master plan.

I Understand.

To A Reader,

I know how you feel.

It’s easy to be a human and to want someone to “complete” you. But it’s hard to be a Christian, sometimes, and admit that you desire someone special in your life.

It’s easy to be a human and want to feel wanted. But it’s hard to be a Christian and confess that you are not fully content, sometimes.

It’s easy to be a human and have the desire to serve and to love. But it’s hard to be a Christian and tell the LORD that you want a physical presence, not just a spiritual. Sometimes.

It’s easy to be a human and yearn to be loved. But it’s hard to be a Christian and say that you know Jesus loves you, but Jesus loves everybody, and you want someone who loves you and only you.

It’s hard. I understand. And you’re never the only one.


It’s Not About YOU.

We’ve become so used to agreeing with everyone and keeping everyone satisfied. We try to keep Christianity happy and pleasing all the time. If you want to be a Christian, be prepared to get people angry, to have people disagree with you, even your own brothers and sisters. Christianity is the belief in God (and Jesus, the Son of God and the Messiah, and the Holy Spirit, the One sent by God after the death of Jesus). God is all love, yes, but that is not all that God is and the Bible says so. God is a jealous God. God experiences sadness. God’s anger blazes like fire. When God spoke to His people, He wasn’t stating everything that they should do, trying to persuade them to do the right thing. No, he told them what they should do and what they should not do and Christ did that as well. We’ve become so used to avoiding disagreements and discomfort but that’s what this is all about. You’ll never make anyone happy in this life and it’s a lot easier to not make anyone happy when you’re a Christian. Be prepared to speak the truth and if the truth upsets a non-believer, then pray for that conviction. If it takes the voice of God to speak to reach believers’ hearts and for them to accept the truth then were they believers in the first place? Look at the Pharisees. They believed in God and followed His Law better than anyone. Of course many of them were corrupted, as we know, but when Jesus came, the way, the TRUTH, and the life, they couldn’t believe in Him because he didn’t meet their needs and it went against their beliefs and their feelings. Jesus made them uncomfortable. Look at the rich man who was true to the Law his whole life but couldn’t let go of his riches. He walked away sad. He couldn’t let go because he found comfort in his riches. Christianity isn’t about what you believe and what you feel. It’s about what the Word of God says and if that makes you mad then you need to die out and give in to the LORD. The day you try to make the Word of God, Christianity, etc. about you, is the day you need to seek repentance.