Sing Praise

I find it amazing how David continually wrote psalms and sang praises to the LORD, regardless of his situations. Fleeing for his life, shaking in fear, hiding in a cave as a completely innocent man… yet he still chose to praise and honor the LORD. He still chose to acknowledge His goodness and be thankful for His protection. We really have to take a step back and look at our bad situations differently because we might miss all that God is doing. Even when it seems like He isn’t doing a thing, He is still worthy of our praise.

Sin Is Sin

Last week was Senior Week at QU and it was madness. They held a concert for the graduating seniors who were 21 and over, so of course, they had lots of alcohol freely flowing about. So I get on Facebook and see this girl from the Christian Fellowship group post a video from the concert dancing and just having a good time. There was nothing in the video showing her drinking or anything but I thought to myself, ‘How can a Christian go to a party like that?‘ I mean, she is a CHRISTIAN, after all.

But then I remembered, “Don’t judge others just because they sin differently than you.” Now, I can neither say that she was or was not “sinning” at the event but personally, I definitely would not want to be caught dancing and partying to worldly music on a college campus during senior week surrounded by tipsy young adults drinking beer and other types of alcohol.

God keeps me humble. Pretty much as soon as I thought that, I remembered my own sin and how I fall short of God’s glory daily. There are things that I do that I know I shouldn’t. There are things that I don’t even realize I’m doing that are indeed sins. So who am I to judge anyone else? Who am I to even think that I can? There is one Judge, and one Judge only. God keeps me humble.


Hey everyone! So it’s finally time to tell you all about the good news I had from before…

I go to Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. Well, a few weekends ago, I visited Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. It. Is. AMAZING. It is almost $10,000 cheaper than QU, you get an automatic scholarship every year if you have a high enough GPA (I believe it ranges from $7,000 to $12,000), the campus is so much smaller (which I found out that I like), it’s a Christian school (I wasn’t so sure I wanted to go to a Christian school buuuut… I changed my mind), one of my room mates from last year’s mission trip to the Dominican Republic goes there, the chapel is so nice, the cafeteria is gorgeous (and has the ZA flag, the Mexico flag, and the DR flag), everyone is SO NICE, people actually say, “Hi!” when you walk by, it’s close to Beantown, AND… the laundry is FREE! 😀 I had such a good time. They also have this event called Catacombs every Sunday night at 10… all it is is acoustic worship with one little light. I love it. It keeps your mind off of everyone in the room and helps you just focus on that one-on-one praise and worship with God. 🙂

SO yesterday I received an e-mail saying that I got accepted!! HOOOYAAHHH! Gloria Dios!!! I am SO EXCITED! I have never chosen a school of my own before nor have I ever been away from home for more than a week so this move is going to be CRAZY but crazy GOOD. ^_^ Ahhhhhhh! Haha, Gordon bound, ya’ll! 😉

Something Great

I can’t stand living in this house sometimes. Ever since my mother left, there has been SO much put on me. People have even said that I am no one’s wife and no one’s mother so they agree that all the work I have to do and all the responsibilities I have just are not fair. (Had to point that out so you don’t think I’m just complaining. ;)) Don’t get me wrong, I know that slack has to be picked up- the woman of the house left for crying out loud. But I have four sisters and three that live with me (the other has an apartment). I also have a brother, btw, but he does man-stuff. But anyway, I have three younger sisters that do not have a FRACTION of the amount of responsibilities or chores that I had when I was their age. The two older ones will be 17 in July and the youngest just turned 15 today. When I was TEN, ELEVEN, TWELVE at the LATEST, I was making dinner, mopping the floor, helping my mother with laundry, cleaning the entire refrigerator, doing my hair, cleaning the whole bathroom, etc. Like for real?? Seriously?! How is it that my sisters do not know how to properly do laundry, fold, make dinner, mop the floor, etc.? And it is because they are always babied and given help. No, they need to figure it out on their own. Learn by doing! I’m not going to be here forever!

And now that I’ve let out some steam, I should say that I need to be here. With my mother gone, no one else is going to carry the weight. It stinks… but it was going to happen to one of us. I just thank God for the strength. And through all the anger and frustration, I find joy in knowing that one day, this will all be for something! When I have a house of my own or a roommate or a husband or a family, I will easily be able to keep the house in order! I will be able to tolerate nonsense! I will be able to know how to handle any problem that happens in the house! (For the most part anyway.) I saw a picture today that read, “Keep going. Each step may get harder, but don’t stop. The view at the top is beautiful.” Yepp! When I cannot STAND one more second in this house or when I cannot STAND the unfairness that is happening, I know that when it is all over, it will all be worth it because it will be something beautiful! I will make a happy home! 🙂 Yay God! Haha, have to give all the glory to Him. Yesterday, today, and forever. Amen.

Oh, and…


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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AMEN!!!!!! AMÉN!!!!!!