Has anyone ever been to Florida? I’ve recently come back from Orlando. My first time in the state and with my two best friends. ๐Ÿ™‚ We stayed at Liki Tiki Village, a resort.

We went to St. Pete’s beach and it isย so beautiful!! White sand, warm water that you can see in, warning signs saying to shuffle your feet just in case you step on a sting ray, seagulls that steal your food, clear skies, jumpable waves, and salt water than could dehydrate your entire body in one swallow. Oh yes… it was awesome!

Our resort was so nice. We had a one-bedroom room with one bedroom (of course), a bathroom (duh), washer and dryer, refrigerator (we had to buy the food), stocked cabinets, dishwasher, sink, dish rack, oven, stove, two televisions, couch with a pull-out bed (that’s where I slept), and a porch with a perfect view of the pool with their mini-mini-water park.

Disney was a no. $100+ just to get in? Yeah, no. But we did go to Downtown Disney and Universal City Walk! Those were great. ๐Ÿ™‚

Both flights were very nice. The ride back seemed to be shorter, but maybe I fell asleep[?] Anyway, on the way there one of the flight attendants kept messing with one of my friends (we flew separately) and both pilots were so funny. Are they supposed to be to relax the riders? ‘Cause I know I was (and always am) NERVOUS for take-off. Love the view and turbulence though!

We didn’t see any crocodiles like some guy working their said we would. :/ But one of my friends did find a palmetto bug in our bathroom! If you don’t know what that is, IT’S A COCKROACH! A FLORIDA COCKROACH! lsdkjfoaiwjfoj lkdj >.< We ran out, to cut to the point, called our friend’s stepdad, had him come in and look around, spray some stuff, and I chose to sleep in the bedroom with them that night.

We got “turnt up” one night while being high up on sugar and sparkling cider. Oh yeah. Then we watched, ‘The Hunger Games’ and some guy who worked there who gave us sheets came back to our room, posed at the door, and asked my friend for her number. Very funny! Oh, and we built a fort. ๐Ÿ˜‰

EVERYTHING is bigger down south! The birds are HUGE and they just walk around all carelessly and no one but the tourists seem to care. The people are a little bigger… The bugs?? -> -__- (That’s an arrow pointing to a mad face, if you can’t tell).

One of my friend’s little sisters (who are 7 and 9) kept asking me to be their godmothers. The 9 year-old eventually gave up but the 7 year-old was pretty persistent and insisted on sitting next to me, walking with me, holding my hand-all of which I was okay with-and… calling me, in public, “mommy.” Not so okay with that one…!

On our last night there, I made dinner for my friends (while sporting my sequined Minnie Mouse ears and Minnie apron-skirt-type-thing). We went shopping so I had to try to make everything! We had salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing (first time I had it and it was AMAZING), tortellini with white sauce, I cut up some chicken for the salad and pasta, and… I made something else… what was it… oh! Rice. I know that is so bad but we had to get rid of our food so we didn’t have to throw it out! Anyway, I Googled how to set a table and set it up all pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚ In the wine glasses, though, I put sparkling cider. It looked so pretty! I’ll post a picture. We didn’t have salad forks though!