Always Remember

Always remember where you started from.

I care so much about my sisters. So when I see them doing even the slightest thing that’s not alright, I want to nip it in the bud and of course, I want to do it my way (which is not always the nicest way). Two of my sisters have recently turned 17 and trust and believe that they are 17. When I was 17, I was not who I am now. So when I see them starting to do things I’ve done, no doubt I want to step in and kill it then and there, but I come off as rude or mean all the time… I never mean to but that’s just how it happens.

have to remember that this is not my job. I am not their mother. I am their sister. Yes, it’s okay to offer advice and let them know if something is too short or too low but it’s not for me to do. That is definitely the hardest thing for me to remember… I am always trying to fix something like it’s my job… but it’s not! If I hadn’t done the silly things I’ve done then I wouldn’t be able to point it out in my sisters. I am living and learning, just like they are.

God will get things done in His timing. Duhh! 😉 Just trust Him and know that what HE wants and that HIS will is far better than what I want and my “will.”

Life lessons, life lessons.